Lucy Poloniecka

Phone: +44 7802 941419


Everything I sell is made by me, I have resisted suggestions from friends to have items made up for me in the Far East.  Every item is individually made and, if I make more than one quilt or cushion, it is because I think they will look better as a pair or set. 

I am constantly on the lookout for new ideas and find inspiration from both traditional and contemporary sources.  One of the most important sources of inspiration to me is the fabrics I buy or am given - I love the feel, the textures, the colours ...

I hope you like what you see on the website - if you do, please contact me for further information.  I apologise if the quality of photographs is not yet what it should be, I am gradually working through to improve them.  Similarly, I have not yet worked out how to change some of the wording on the website templates!

Looking forward to hearing from you,



I have always been a keen needlewoman, making clothes and soft furnishings.  Then, following a visit to The American Museum outside Bath, I became hooked on patchwork and quilting, spending as much of my free time as possible (probably a little more) on my hobby.

In 2007, I decided to give up full-time employment and started a business making items for sale.  The business is now sufficiently established for me to create this website to showcase my work.


With my daughter Anna