Lucy Poloniecka

Phone: +44 7802 941419


Christmas Range

Christmas is a wonderful opportunity to indulge in textile treats.

I make stockings, table cloths, table runners, spice mats and decorations.† Each year they will be a little bit different but always bright and seasonal!


Christmas table cloth in traditional red, green and gold but with an added purple twist

Christmas table cloth measuring approx
102 x 102

Christmas stockings in traditional colours or in frosty black, white and silver.† Most in patchwork but also available with woven ribbons.† All stockings are fully lined and backed with felt.

Stockings £15 each




Quilted table runners in a variety† of styles using traditional colours from £20 for size 125 x 25.

Larger sizes and personalisation available.

Christmas decoration
and spice mats.

Spice mats £2 each